The Beauty Bus Funding


The Beauty Bus Fund

The beauty bus is the next step and sister venture to the Happy Smiling Cancer Girl. As a beauty therapist prior to my diagnosis, I am wanting to improve the lives of others who are going through the traumatic journey cancer can put you through.

As a previous Chemotherapy patient, I used to isolate myself through fear of being around too many people that didn’t understand how weak my immune system was. By isolating myself, I felt I was alone and missing out on a lot of things. The Beauty Bus will help prevent this. It will be a salon on wheels with the luxurious atmostphere a salon can provide.

Anyone who is going through cancer or who has been through cancer may experience a challenge that they never faced before… booking in for a massage at your local salon or spa. 70% of spas and salons will turn a client with cancer away, due to their inexperience of adapting treatments or quite often they will inform you that their “insurance won’t cover them” THIS IS OUT OF DATE AND DISCRIMINITIVE. With diploma’s available in Oncology Beauty Therapy Treatment there is no need to turn anybody away.

My beauty bus will be inclusive to all!

But first, to make this dream a reality I need a little help! Please DONATE to help others who are dealing with the minefield that cancer can bring… if not a share will be equally appreciated!

To find out more click the link where I’ve created a short vlog explaining everything; The Beauty Bus

Many thanks,

Amanda a.k.a The Happy Smiling Cancer Girl



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