Me and cancer



Ah no ! Not another cancer blog I here you scream! 😱

The Cancer Bitch

But yeah… I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not. This is my life. I appreciate that it’s not for everyone and that many will stumble across this site and never come back or will even forget about me. But that’s cool… I was like that too pre-diagnosis. I wasn’t a bitch to cancer it just never really affected my life before so I didn’t really care. And yes, I’ll admit I was a “not another fundraiser/bake sale/fun run for cancer”! So I don’t blame you for being in your little bubble because I wish I could still be in mine.

My cancer and the after effects

So I thought it’s about damn time I update this section and give a bit more about myself. So, here it goes… Hi, I’m Amanda, I’m 30 and dealing with the trials and tribulations of cancer as a young adult. I was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell vaginal cancer back in January 2017. Since then I’ve had extensive rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

I’m now dealing with the after effects cancer and the treatments have left me with.

Want your own mini me? Yeah… Thanks cancer for taking that from me.

How about no periods ever again? Well… Yeah, that’s pretty beneficial so thanks for that. Good old monthly mother nature was always a nuisance!

But gee… Thanks for making my ovaries all wrinkly and naff by making me go on HRT until I’m of a normal menopausal age!

Yep, just another big fat old lady tick

I’m not even angry angry… Just a little pissed about the situation.

So I can’t have my own kids? Fine I’ll foster. I’ll adopt. I never really made my mind up on the whole family thing yet anyway.

No periods ever again? Halle-fricking-lujah! I’ll just go camping or better yet travelling for months on end and save my money for something I want!

And the good old HRT… Well I’ll just have to suck it up and take that old lady pill because me not having it would be much worse than going without.

The Upgrade

Since being diagnosed it has been rocky to say the least. With my original diagnosis of vaginal cancer, I had a 10cm mass. Pretty big,  Pretty scary and if I’m honest… Survival? Pretty unlikely.

I probably didn’t realise that at the time because looking back I was surviving on 70% positivity and 30% denial. But I beat the odds! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 Radiotherapy and brachytherapy blasted that nasty bugger to oblivion! Woohoo, right? Yeah… It really was… All for about 5 seconds. Because shortly after being told I beat cancer I was told it had spread… To my lungs…


So now I’m upgraded. And not in the lucky way, its now stage 4 vaginal cancer.

My world had imploded. You can read my true feelings in the post titled “devastation“. As you can probably tell that one hit me worse than my original diagnosis. For some reason, the 2nd diagnosis made it seem more real. This isn’t just a battle… This was a freaking  war and my body is in the middle of it.

So here we go, 2018… The year of dreams? Probably not… But I am not defeated. I battle on this time post chemo and radiotherapy for the scond time. I’ve reached a point I never even dreamed I’d get too… No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D). It’s a point where I at least get a little bit of freedom. I have quarterly check-ups to make sure it is kept at bay however I will never be at a point of “remission”. My cancer is just temporarily inactive. Which for some, may be hard to deal with only planning in 3 month segments, but for me I’ll take whatever I can get.

Before Cancer

Pre-diagnosis I was your average girl. I worked as a beauty therapist, I loved to party with friends, hangout with family, read books for hours on end and occasionally if I was in the mood go out and run. And post diagnosis… Well I’m just starting to figure that bit out again. Pretty much still the same stuff but maybe with a new added insight to life these days.

My cancer blog

I’ve always been a people person, I loved my job and still very much do, so I’m hoping with this I can help others out.

I started my cancer blog to help raise awareness in young adults with cancer, gynae health and getting to know your own body, and hopefully along the way, make people feel better about themselves when they’re going through cancer and it’s treatments.

It’s basically my open diary.

The Beauty Bus Fund

The beauty bus is the next step and sister venture to the Happy Smiling Cancer Girl. As a beauty therapist prior to my diagnosis, I am wanting to improve the lives of others who are going through the traumatic journey cancer can put you through.

As a previous Chemotherapy patient, I used to isolate myself through fear of being around too many people that didn’t understand how weak my immune system was. By isolating myself, I felt I was alone and missing out on a lot of things. The Beauty Bus will help prevent this. It will be a salon on wheels with the luxurious atmostphere a salon can provide.

Anyone who is going through cancer or who has been through cancer may experience a challenge that they never faced before… booking in for a massage at your local salon or spa. 70% of spas and salons will turn a client with cancer away, due to their inexperience of adapting treatments or quite often they will inform you that their “insurance won’t cover them” THIS IS OUT OF DATE AND DISCRIMINITIVE. With diploma’s available in Oncology Beauty Therapy Treatment there is no need to turn anybody away.

My beauty bus will be inclusive to all!

But first, to make this dream a reality I need a little help! Please DONATE to help others who are dealing with the minefield that cancer can bring… if not a share will be equally appreciated!

To find out more click the link where I’ve created a short vlog explaining everything; The Beauty Bus

Many thanks,

Amanda a.k.a The Happy Smiling Cancer Girl

Feel free to add your stories, inspirations or just drop a message if you fancy it! Or if you really didn’t expect to be here (I don’t know how… It’s all in the title!) feel free to use the back button. I won’t tell 😉

Me rocking cancer on my last chemo 29th Nov 17 😁